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VIPCard discount card: we reward our guests.
Get great discounts on booking hotel rooms directly with us - on our web site, by e-mail, fax, phone, regular mail, telegram or directly in our resort (not applicable by bookings with tour operators)

You get a VIP point every time you stay in our resort. And we will give you 1 point more if you have a personal website with a link recommending our web site:
How many points I have?
Please: insert EXACTLY as appears in your VIPcard
Any error can invalidate the result

Name : Surname : VIPcard number :

the discount you get can be calculated with the following formula:
s = t(1-k(n+i))
providing: i = log(1-d/t)/log(k), being:

s the final discount in %,

i the number of equivalent VIP points of the special offer

n the number of VIP points of the client, (takes values between 0 and 30)

d the special offer in %, (can vary from 0 to 20)

k a constant providing 0>k>1 named incremental value (in our case is equal to 0.75)

t another constant named maximun scount (in our case is equal to 20)

please indicate the discount of the existing special offer:(d)
Result: Pt. VIP (n)/total discount (s)
1/ 5.00 2/ 8.75 3/11.56 4/13.67 5/15.25 6/16.44 7/17.33 8/18.00 9/18.5 10/18.87
11/19.16 12/19.37 13/19.52 14/19.64 15/19.73 16/19.8 17/19.85 18/19.89 19/19.92 20/19.94
21/19.95 22/19.96 23/19.97 24/19.98 25/19.98 26/19.99 27/19.99 28/19.99 29/20.00 30/20.00

When and where Vip discount is applicable?
VIP discount is applicable only on hotel rooms, not for appartments, and during all seasons except high season.

what happens if we publish a special offer?
Can I add both discounts: VIP card and published offer?

not exactly: when we have a special offer (d), we publish the discount as the equivalent VIP points too (i); You then add the offer VIP points (i) to your existing VIP points (n), and the resulting points are used to calculate the discount (s) which is valid during the offer.

Example: you have a VIP card with 4 points and you decide to book when a special offer is available. The offer discount is 10.94% (equivalent to 2 points) and the total discount is then 20.55% (equivalent to 6 points)

And if the offer exceeds the 20%?
In this case the only appliable discount is the offer itself, the points don't produce any increment.

Who benefits from the VIP Card?
The discount applies to the owner, his family and all people staying together in the same room with the card holder.

what happens if in the same room people are staying with different VIP Cards?
we apply the card with the highest point score.

How to include the VIP discount on my reservation?
After initiating a reservation request (in the navigation menu), press on "VIP Card", down in the menu. Under "How many points I have?", Enter Name, Surname, N. VIP card, and press OK. At the end of the blue line with the result in points, appears a shopping cart with an arrow, press it, this sends all VIP information to the booking form.

How to get your VIP Card?
Please fill in and sent the next formular.
Post Code:
Date of birth: Identity card-Passport:
Tel: Fax:

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